Today, the Caffeinated Hiker is born. I’ve been a hiker for as long as I can remember, and caffeinated since I entered university, but today it’s Official.

I created this blog as a hiking journal of sorts. Here, I will chronicle my journey into the world of ultralite backpacking. I’ll be writing about training hikes, backpacking gear, backpacking FOOD, and of course, journaling during my trips down the trail.

Ultralite backpacking is something new to me, but it combines two things I am already deeply in love with – hiking and camping. I mean, what could possibly go wrong? (Besides wildlife attacks, getting lost, getting caught in inclement weather, not having enough food/water, and being scared of the dark. Not to mention hiking extremely long distances with a heavy pack…)

Okay, so there are a lot of things that could go wrong. Trust me, I’m a planner. I’ve done my research, and I know that on most trips, there will be at least a few moments that just suck. I’ve also already been acquainted with some of these moments in my previous experiences with hiking, camping, and backcountry canoe tripping. To me, the rewards make it all worth it. Rewards such as moments like these:

My ultimate goal is to become a thru-hiker of the Pacific Crest Trail. And if that goes well, many other long-distance hiking trails as well. I once told my dad, ‘I always wanted my grad trip to be a trip along the west coast. I mean I was originally going to take a car, but I guess I’ll just walk instead.’ His response: ‘You are so weird’.

Yep, I am fully ready to receive the comments about how crazy I am for attempting this. Bring ’em on.

Don’t worry, I’ll be starting small. This summer will be a ‘tester’ of sorts. I have planned a series of day trips and short overnighters, to figure out if long-distance backpacking is really for me. My heart tells me I’m going to love it, but if not, I guess this will be filed away with all the other crazy dreams that weren’t meant to be.

I’ve already started collecting the necessary gear, and my first real ‘training’ hikes are planned for next weekend. I hope this blog will be inspiring and informative, and even if no one reads it, it will at least serve as a great collection of the memories I make along the way.

A caffeinated cheers to nature and new adventures!

– K.


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