PCT Day 14: Zero in Idyllwild

​April 24, 2017


0 miles 

I got to sleep in as late as I wanted this morning, which was sooo nice. Of course, I only managed to sleep til around 7, but I laid in bed for a while after I had woken up. I want to take advantage of having a real bed as much as I can. 

PCT sticker at The Town Baker 

Soon, I was hungry, so I got up and walked across the street to The Town Baker and got a massive pecan sticky bun for breakfast. It was sooo good, but too big to finish. I’ll probably have the rest tomorrow morning before we hit the trail. 

That is a full size dinner plate… 

We sat around the cabin for a while before heading out into town to get our town day chores done. My first stop was the gift shop for post cards, and then we visited the Idyllwild Public Library. They have copies of the water report printed for hikers to take, and have a little hiker corner with a world map, where everyone can put a sticker on the place where they’re from. This town really is awesome, it’s so friendly and welcoming to hikers. 

The town monument is labelled with a sign letting you know it’s a “photo opportunity”. 

Our next stop was the grocery store. It was my first time buying resupply in a grocery store on trail, and it was a bit difficult. The selection was okay, and I managed to find almost everything I wanted. It’s just annoying that everything is sold in huge quantities when you probably only want a few of each thing. You either have to carry way too much or stick a bunch in the hiker box, or just go without. 

After stuffing my food bag, I stopped into the post office to pick up my ice axe and microspikes, and mail my postcards. The ice axe probably isn’t entirely necessary at this point, but it should be good testing grounds for the Sierra, and I can mail it ahead at the next town. After finishing at the post office, Gummies and I had lunch at a vegan cafe, which was pretty good. I love how close together everything is in this town. 


We stopped at one more little grocery store to get our last few items, and headed home to explode our food all over the deck and sort everything out. This next stretch is our longest yet between towns, but I probably still have waaaay too much food.

Resupply thingz. Most excited about the avocado and the cheese. 

We sat around the cabin for the rest of the afternoon, and I got to video chat with the parental units back home, which was nice since I hadn’t spoken to them in person since leaving for the trail. 

My new dangerous footwear! 

For dinner, we headed up the street for half price taco night at La Casita. It was crowded, so we had to wait for a table, and once we finally got to sit down, we instantly inhaled the complimentary chips and salsa. We all ate way too many tacos, and they were delicious. Whenever we go out to eat, we’ll be sitting around talking, but as soon as the food arrives, silence instantly falls over the table as we all devour our meals. It’s pretty funny. Hiker hunger, yo.

Dinner! (yes, I had tacos for both meals today) 

After dinner we wandered over to the liquor store to buy ice cream / popsicles for dessert, and then home to enjoy the comfort of our cabin for one last evening. I had a shower for the second day in a row. I’m soooo clean. We have a ride arranged to the trailhead for tomorrow morning, and then we’ll be attempting to head up to the San Jacinto summit, which I’m pretty excited about. Back into the wilderness! 

4 thoughts on “PCT Day 14: Zero in Idyllwild

  1. WHOA! Those shoes! Are those for ice? Please don’t trip or anything in those, they’re scary! 0.0 Also have a great time through San Jacinto. I’m excited to hear how it goes since you’ve mentioned it before and shown pictures. Stay warm!


  2. Good choice on getting the microspikes and ice axe. As you wrote, at least you’ll get a chance to get used to the ice axe. Don’t forgetvto carry it in your hand. It does no good strapped to your pack. Enjoy the views.

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