PCT Day 27: Zero in Wrightwood 

​May 7, 2017


0 miles 

I slept in until around 7am in the church camp lodge. When I went outside, I found the world dusted in white, sunny, but chilly like a crisp fall morning. We packed up, and headed for the downtown strip of Wrightwood. Our first stop was The Village Grind for breakfast. They give out a free small coffee to PCT hikers which was an awesome surprise, and I got a delicious breakfast quesdilla. Everything was sooo good. We sat there for probably too long before moving on to our home for the night, the Pines Motel. It was still early and the office was locked, so we headed out into the town to do our shopping. 

I bought probably way too much food at the grocery store, which was weirdly expensive. The local hardware store is amazing, and super hiker-friendly. They have a hiker box, accept resupply packages, and have a little section of hiker-relevant goods for sale. When we signed their hiker register, they gave us free PCT pins. I also picked up my package with my new tent stakes, so come at me wind!! (But really please don’t). 

We sat outside the grocery store for a long time sorting out our resupplies and eating snacks. We saw so many hikers that we hadn’t seen in forever, it was like a little happy reunion! Finally, we walked back over to the motel and got our little cabin. It’s so cute, but the WiFi router is in the office so it doesn’t really work well in the room. It had started snowing outside, which Cougar and Dr. McDirty were super excited about because they had never seen real snow fall before. I wanted to video chat my parents, so I had to go sit outside the office in the snow so that I could get a strong enough Internet signal. It wasn’t too bad except for the snowflakes falling on my bare feet (I wore my flip flops for some reason). 

Our Wrightwood home 

Back in the room, we ordered pizza from Mile High Pizza, which was somewhere claimed to be the best pizza on trail. On the way to pick it up, we stopped at the Wrightwood Market to get Ben and Jerry’s. The pizza was sooo good, and I got to check a very important item off my town to-do list: “chug beer while eating pizza”. In bed. So it was even better. 

Tomorrow, we have ANOTHER zero, and I plan to move as little as possible. It shall be glorious.

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