PCT Day 28: Zero in Wrightwood, Again 

​May 8, 2017 


0 miles 

I had some trouble falling asleep last night for some reason… Sleeping in a real bed feels weird now. I’m weirdly excited to get back to my cozy quilt and tent. Once I did fall asleep, I slept in til almost 8am, which is pretty insanely late by hiker standards. We had a seriously lazy morning of just laying around in bed doing nothing. It was just what we all needed. 

Eventually, hunger persuaded us to get up (even though I may have eaten leftover pizza and ice cream in bed pre-9AM…), and we walked the quarter mile to the other side of town to get breakfast at the Grizzly Cafe. I got eggs, hash browns, and pancakes, with the always necessary coffee. Everything was delicious, but I was shamefully unable to finish my second pancake. Must have been the pre-breakfast snacks. 

After breakfast, we headed across the street to the post office, where I mailed some postcards and Cougar and Dr. McDirty mailed home over 3 pounds of gear. We wandered back over to the Village Grind to get drinks and use their bomb WiFi. We all sat in silence for a while staring at our phones, until eventually we got hungry again. The gas station convenience store gives out free hot dogs to hikers, so we headed there to get some lunch. This town is seriously so hiker friendly. They even had a veggie dog for me, which made me insanely happy. 

Afterwards, we headed back to the hotel for a lazy afternoon. We laid on the beds with the TV on for several hours. It was glorious. I made a ‘beermonade’, ie. half beer-half lemonade, which ended up being a pretty successful creation. Again, food was what convinced us to shake ourselves out of our lazy fog and move. We headed down the street to The Yodeler for dinner, a local dive bar featuring taco Mondays. The tacos were sooo yummy, and the place was really cool. Definitely a hot spot with the locals. 

Beermonade: it’s delicious AND it looks cool 

After dinner, I had another shower (I showered THREE days in a row, my body isn’t sure what’s happening), and now I’m pretty ready to pass out. We’ll get up early tomorrow to catch a ride back to the trail. Tomorrow’s task will be tackling the fresh snow on Mt. Baden-Powell. I’m pretty excited to get back on trail. More tomorrow from the mountains! 

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