PCT Day 41: Zero in Tehachapi 

​May 21, 2017 


0 miles

*Hi everyone! Sorry for the extremely delayed posts. Our last couple of stops have had shit wifi, so get ready for a huge bulk post.*

I slept soooo well in my real bed last night. I know I say I prefer my tent and quilt, but this bed was pretty nice. We slowly got up and eventually got ourselves up for breakfast. The hotel breakfast was pretty good, and was packed with hikers. We were lazy for a while, but finally headed out to do our resupply. 

It was quite a trek to get to the grocery store. We stopped at Kmart along the way but they didn’t have much. What they did have was a girl outside with a box of kittens. She was trying to find homes for them, and I wanted to take one so badly, but settled for just cuddling them for a few minutes. Gummies picked one up and it escaped and sprinted away down the Kmart sidewalk. Cougar and I continued petting the remaining kittens, letting the boys handle the escapee. 

We walked all the way back to the hotel, dropped off our stuff, and immediately went back to the gas station to get more beers. I chatted to the parental units for a bit, then we hit the pool. There was a hot tub too, which was more exciting, even though the heat outside was rather sweltering. The jets gave a pretty good massage to stiff leg muscles. I had only been planning to stay for a little while, but more hikers kept appearing, and more beers kept appearing, and suddenly somehow 5 or 6 hours had passed. Eventually I made my way back to the room to eat my healthy dinner (now somewhat offset by the number of beers I had consumed), and pass out to the sound of Keeping Up With The Kardashians (our trail family guilty pleasure) on the TV. 

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