PCT Days 47, 48, 49: This is the Town Stop That Never Ends 

​May 27-29

Lake Isabella 

0 miles 

I slept in as late as my body would let me in the campground, and didn’t get out of my tent until the sun was well up in the sky. I headed over to the trail magic picnic table to eat my oats and make some coffee, and while I was sitting there, the CDT-hiker trail angels came over and asked if we needed a ride to Lake Isabella. Score! We quickly packed up and hopped in the back of the van. They dropped us off on the main strip of town, which looked somewhat run down, asking us if we were sure we wanted to stay there. We assured them we would be fine and they drove off. 

We had a short trek across the highway on-ramp area to get to our accommodations at the Lake Isabella Motel, which is described on google as a “vintage, traditional roadside motel”. And that it was. At one point, my Facebook asked me if I was staying at the Bates Motel, which was honestly a pretty accurate comparison. It was kind of awesome though. There was no wifi, the bed was slightly springy, the TV looked like it came straight out of the early 2000s, and the temperature was controlled by something called a “swamp cooler”, which was a large shaft in the ceiling that loudly blasted cool air into the room, complete with water droplets. But the mother-daughter duo who ran the place were amazingly friendly and kind. We showed up in the morning way before check-in time, and they let us leave our packs in the office while they gave us a ride to the grocery store so we could do our resupply. They even came back and picked us up when we were done. 

Feasting in bed. (The grocery store had the most amazing vegetarian section, that’s BBQ jack fruit!!!) 

When we got to the room, we proceeded to spend a solid 24 period in bed. It was pretty glorious. I bought a ton of fruits, veggies, and other good food from the grocery store, so we didn’t even have to leave to go out to eat. Over the course of our time in town, we watched 5 movies, the entirety of the Indy 500 race, and several episodes of Naked and Afraid. It was definitely our laziest town stop yet. We did spend several hours of each day sitting in Taco Bell, since that was the only nearby location that offered wifi. There was literally nothing to do in this town. It was both the best and worst possible town to have to spend that much time in. It was good because we weren’t tempted to spend much money, but awful because you can only spend so much time in a hotel bed watching a crappy TV before going somewhat stir crazy. Definitely excited to get back on trail tomorrow. 

4 thoughts on “PCT Days 47, 48, 49: This is the Town Stop That Never Ends 

  1. Great to hear about the jack fruit. I’m definitely going to try making that.
    You kids. Never heard if a swamp cooler? It’s a staple of the hot dry west. Water trickles over pads made of straw and the hot dry air evaporates it causing evaporative cooling. A fan inside this box of cool air then blows the cool air into the room. Before AC, you were much better off in the west with swamp coolers than in the cooler states with no way of cooling down in the summer. Swamp coolers were still pretty common through the 80’s when I was a kid. Brings back memories.

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