PCT Day 64: Zero in Bishop 

​June 13, 2017 


0 miles 

This will most definitely be the most boring post on this blog thus far. Because I literally did nothing today. I left my bed in the motel room exactly three times, each time to get food. Once to the motel lobby for the free continental breakfast, once across to the street to McDonald’s, and once across the street again for convenience store pizza. 

Cougar’s leg started acting up again last night, and this morning was spent desperately calling around to various physiotherapists in town trying to find an appointment. She eventually managed to get through to a therapist who had actually retired in January, but still did occasional home visits, and he agreed to come do a session right in our motel room. Our luck seemed to be looking up at last. The session seemed to help ease her pain quite a bit, allowing everyone to relax a bit. 

However, after not too long, the pain returned in earnest. Cougar and McDirty decided to visit the hospital to see if they could get some medications to at least try to control the pain. They were gone for several hours. I became very well acquainted with the pattern of cracks on the motel room ceiling. When they got back, they had tales to tell of the horrors of the American medical system. Long waits, hefty bills, and unfriendly doctors. And after all that, the pain remained. 

They told me they thought they needed to take some time from the trail, so she could hopefully get the issue under control. Maybe go stay with their relatives in San Francisco for a bit. Obviously saddened by this news, I told them I understood, knowing the most important thing was that they got somewhere she could recover properly. Not knowing what tomorrow will bring makes me feel uneasy, but I’m sure everything will work out with time. This isn’t the end of the trail family. I have to believe that. 

One thought on “PCT Day 64: Zero in Bishop 

  1. Glowworm, thats hard to read about it. And in this situation with snow and creek crossing. Thats realy sad…
    I hope you stayed strong, maybe find a other gang to stick with them…from a safty perspective. Take care, risk not to much…


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