PCT Day 66: Reunited in Bishop 

​June 15, 2017 


0 miles 

The day started off still on a melancholy note, but with a hint of excitement as well, knowing that Gummies would arrive that afternoon and I wouldn’t be alone any more. I laid in my bed in the hostel until I got too hungry to stay there anymore. I made myself get up and walk down the street to a local bakery, where I got a freaking delicious bagel with cream cheese. Then I wandered a mile down the main strip of town, somewhat aimlessly, and picked up snacks and new sunglasses at Kmart (my third pair of the trip, which I’ve already managed to scratch, because that’s just the kind of person I am). 

When I eventually got back to the hostel, there were still several hours until Gummies was due to arrive, so I got back into bed and promptly passed out for the majority of the afternoon. When I woke up, he was there, and I was so happy to be back with at least part of my trail family. We chilled at the hostel for a bit, went to the local brewery for amazing tacos and beer, and rode bikes (provided by the hostel) around town while the sun set. Life was good again. 

Tomorrow, we’ll hopefully catch a bus up to South Lake Tahoe, where we’ll start our “vacation from our vacation”, and just relax for a bit. Hopefully we’ll be able to hop over to San Francisco for a few days as well and take in some of the sights of the city. I miss the trail, but after the stressful events of the last section, some time off will do everyone good. And hopefully let some snow melt as well. 

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