PCT Day 67: On The Road 

​June 16, 2017 

Bishop – South Lake Tahoe 

Slept in this morning, knowing we had some errands to run around town and that nothing would be open until 9. Eventually headed over to the coffeeshop to get some delicious bagel sandwiches and set about trying to find information on transit to South Lake Tahoe. Plans promptly changed when we found out that the only bus running to Tahoe had left at 7:30 that morning, while we were still in bed, and since it was Friday, there wouldn’t be another bus until Monday. Well then. 

We finished up with town chores, got our stuff packed up, and made our hitchhiking signs. The adventure was on. South Lake Tahoe is about a 175 mile drive from Bishop, which takes over 3 hours, so we were anticipating having to make the trip in a series of hitches, possible even spanning over a couple of days. We stood at the edge of town with our signs, which elicited smiles and laughs from many drivers and passersby, although none of them stopped to offer us a ride. But then, by some miracle, after only standing there for probably less than 30 minutes, a woman in a car pulled over and said, “You’re going to Tahoe? I can take you. As long as you’re not serial killers or something.” 

I swear we have some magical hitch hiking powers. We had somehow secured a ride straight to Tahoe in one shot, a 3 hour drive that would have taken 9 hours by bus. It was meant to be. Our saviour was a woman named Sandra from Austria, who was travelling around the American west for about a month. The drive was pretty beautiful, with a little bit of everything, from views of the snowy Sierra, to tall pine forests, to huge lakes and rushing rivers and crazy rock formations. We even got dropped off right at Mellow Mountain Hostel, where we were planning to stay. Thank you, Sandra!!! 

The hostel is pretty cool, it’s converted from an old motel but all the rooms have bunk beds now. We settled in, and then set off to find food, having not had anything to eat on the drive but some Twizzlers. The town is pretty overwhelming. It’s definitely the biggest town we’ve been in yet, and it’s a summer weekend, so the place is pretty well overrun with tourists. It’s a total tourist trap and money suck. We ate at a crowded pizza place for dinner, which was packed with overly loud families on vacation. It was pretty hard for my brain to process, leaving me worried about my eventual transition back into civilization after this whole adventure is over. Maybe I should just live in the woods forever. The pizza was freaking delicious though. 

We headed straight back to the hostel after dinner to collapse into bed. We are currently booked to stay 5 nights in this hostel, and I’m not sure what will happen after that. Hopefully we will eventually be making our way over to San Francisco. We’re already trying to come up with ways to occupy ourselves here without breaking the bank. If you have any suggestions, feel free to let me know. Tomorrow: the beach. 

4 thoughts on “PCT Day 67: On The Road 

  1. Off the wall, I know, but if I had some days, I would check for opportunity to spend time at Starcross in Annapolis, CA, and finally meet the amazing people there.


    You would undoubtedly pitch in and work, but there would be so much more…


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