PCT Day 68: Let The Vacation Begin 

​June 17, 2017 

South Lake Tahoe 

Today was the first real day of vacation from the trail. We had nowhere to be and nothing to do, which felt strange but pretty nice. We stayed in bed late, then eventually headed out to grab some amazing huevos rancheros nachos for breakfast. Sooo good. We hit up the nearby grocery store to stock up on supplies for the next few days, so we can avoid blowing our entire hike budget in restaurants. Back at the hostel, we napped away the rest of the morning. The vacation was off to a good start. 

We eventually decided to head over to the beach. The one closest to the hostel was extremely crowded, but the lake was beautiful. We stood in the water for a bit before deciding to move on and try to find a slightly less tourist-infested beach area. We ended up walking a few miles over the state line into Nevada, and ended up on a walking/bike path through a nice pine forest that dumped us out right on another beach. There were still a lot of people, but it was a lot nicer than the first beach. We video chatted Cougar from the beach, and it was really nice getting to catch up with her. I really miss her and Dr. McDirty. Hopefully we will get to see them again soon. 

After eating dinner at the hostel, we headed over to a nearby movie theatre to see Wonder Woman. It had been a while since I’d been to a movie theatre so that was pretty fun. Plus the movie was awesome. It still feels weird to just stay in one place and engage in “normal” activities. We’re still kind of on trail time, so we passed out as soon as we got home from the movie, even though the rest of the world was just getting their Saturday night started. Ah, vacation. 

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