PCT Day 72: Masterchef Lake Tahoe 

​June 21, 2017 

South Lake Tahoe 

I’m so sorry everyone. Today’s post will detail yet another day in South Lake Tahoe spent doing absolutely nothing. Woke up and went back to the Driftwood Cafe for breakfast since we were still out of groceries. Almost succeeded in devouring two huge pancakes, two eggs, and an entire avocado, but ended up being defeated by the final pancake yet again. I stand firm that if I had actually spent the last week hiking, that breakfast would have gotten wrecked. 

After breakfast, we headed back to the grocery store to stock up for our last couple of days in the hostel. We actually made plans to make meals that involve legitimate cooking, so that was pretty exciting. After completing the exhausting task that is grocery shopping, we napped for several hours (as is the traditional way to spend an afternoon in South Lake Tahoe, if you’re us). 

Following our nap, I was coerced into playing a game of ping pong, in which I was completely and utterly destroyed. We then made a delicious dinner of eggplant fettuccine, with French bread and oil. It felt really good to actually cook a meal again after so long eating dehydrated crap and restaurant food. I’ve been starting to feel pretty lazy and a bit apathetic during our stay in town, so doing something productive like cooking felt great. Plus, the food was delicious. After dinner, I got to chat with my little brother for a while, which was really nice, and then it was time for bed. Stay tuned for more incredibly interesting South Lake Tahoe adventures, tomorrow. 

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