PCT Day 73: Scrabble War 

​June 22, 2017 

South Lake Tahoe 

Here we go again. Woke up. Ate cereal for breakfast in the hostel kitchen (which may or may not have been followed up with a chocolate chip cookie). Decided to play a casual game of Scrabble, which turned into an all out war ending with every tile on the board and a 5-point difference in score. I lost, even though I began the game with a 70 point lead, but we don’t need to talk about that (but apparently Gummies needs to talk about it, so if you want the full account, go check out his blog post).

Walked to McDonald’s for lunch, which was overrun with cheerleaders and bickering children, and the soft serve machine was broken (of course). Napped the afternoon away, then made fried rice for dinner. After dinner we watched a movie, and then decided to walk down to the beach. The sun had already set, but the view across the lake was still incredibly beautiful. I’m definitely so ready to start living outside again. 

Speaking of getting back on the trail, the few of you who have managed to endure the mind-numbing monotony of these vacation posts will be pleased to know that things will soon be back in motion. Tomorrow, Cougar and Dr. McDirty will be making their way into town, and we’ll be going to stay with them at their cousin’s place for a couple of days. A change of scenery will definitely be nice after living at this hostel for a week, and I’m so excited to see our friends again. Plus it will be really nice to spend some time in an actual house. We’re planning to get back on to the trail on Monday, and I absolutely can not wait. 

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