PCT Day 74: The Family is Back! 

​June 23, 2017 

South Lake Tahoe – Incline Village 

Woke up this morning to the excitement of knowing we’d be getting a change of scenery today. Ate breakfast, went to Starbucks, and killed some time at the hostel before catching a ride with a slightly crazy Uber driver to Incline Village in Nevada, where Cougar and Dr. McDirty’s cousin Grant lives. We’re finally out of South Lake Tahoe. Now we’re on the north end of the lake. The drive up the side of the lake was super pretty. And it was amazing to finally see Cougar and Dr. McDirty again. The family is back together, and it feels so good.

When we arrived, we all headed down to the beach to catch up over some drinks, and then hit the grocery store to grab supplies for the weekend. We made these delicious zucchini pizzas for dinner and then watched a movie. It was a pretty chilled out day, but felt exciting since we got to travel to a new location and see our friends again. It’s strange but nice to be spending time in a real house again. Still super excited to get back into the wilderness though. 

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