PCT Day 76: I’m on a Boat 

​June 25, 2017 

Incline Village 

Slept in. Bagels and cream cheese for breakfast. Went through my bear can and determined what I needed to buy for my resupply. And then, ending our vacation with the most vacation-like activity we’ve engaged in yet: boating around South Lake Tahoe. 

Grant rented a boat, and we spent pretty much the entire day cruising around the lake. The views from the water were beautiful, and it was really fun to spend some time out on the water. We stopped and jumped out into the lake a few times, and the water felt great. I still can’t get over the feeling of swimming around in a lake with views of snow-capped mountains. Dr. McDirty went wake boarding, and I kind of wanted to try it but the water seemed a bit choppy for a first timer. 

After we got back to the house, we relaxed for a bit before heading into town to resupply. The grocery store was really nice, and even better, it hadn’t been ransacked by other hikers, so they had everything we needed for resupply. Gummies and I went back to the Thai place to get takeout for dinner, because it was just that good. When we got home, we were pretty exhausted from spending the day out in the sun (I definitely got roasted pretty good), so we quickly ate, got our stuff ready for the trail tomorrow, and headed to bed. 

We’re setting an alarm for the first time in a couple weeks, and though it will be early compared to what we’ve become used to, we’re still going to be sleeping in by trail standards. I’m really excited and a bit nervous to get back on trail tomorrow. It’s definitely going to be difficult getting back into the swing of it after being off trail for so long. But I’m ready to go home. (And I’m sure you’re all ready for these blog posts to become semi-interesting again). 

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