PCT Day 91: Return of the Herd? 

​July 10, 2017 

Big Creek Road – Mile 1277.75 (1260. 99-1277.75) 

16.76 miles 

Woke up this morning on a memory foam mattress to the smell of coffee drifting in through the open window. Got all packed up before being served a glorious breakfast of biscuits and gravy (they even had a little thing of vegetarian gravy for me), eggs, and amazing fresh fruit. After we had stuffed ourselves with deliciousness, our host drove us back to the trail, gave us all hugs, and sent us on our way. I am still mind blown by the goodness I have seen in people out here. 

Most of the morning was spent walking through the forest again, but with one major change. There were hikers everywhere. We got back on trail with Rocket Man and two of the other guys from last night, and at the road crossing alone crossed paths with four other hikers. Throughout the day we saw many more, including thru-hikers, SOBO section hikers, day hikers, and Soho, a guy we hadn’t seen since Warner Springs. It almost felt like being back in the desert again, walking in the midst of the herd. Just like old times. 

We stopped for lunch in a shady spot, and afterwards actually got to walk through some open areas with great views of the surrounding hills and lakes. Eventually, we came out onto a ridge with gorgeous views, and ended up setting up camp on the ridge top for the night. It’s a really cool camp site, and we have great views off both sides of the ridge. Tomorrow, we’ll head into Belden, which is some kind of weird town/resort/place right on the trail. We’ll probably just grab something to eat and get out, in the interest of of bank accounts, but we still have lots of time to kill before meeting Gummies’ parents in Chester, so the next few days of hiking will probably be super chill. 

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