PCT Day 104: Crushin’ Miles 

​July 23, 2017 

Gold Creek Trail Junction – Squaw Valley Creek (1455.64-1482.18)

26.54 miles 

Today was a pretty good day. Like yesterday, nothing really happened, but I found myself somehow more able to enjoy the nothingness. The very first part of the day was really the only part where we were out of the woods, but it was beautiful. We got going at a decent time, and the ridge was lit by the gorgeous morning light. It wasn’t long before the trail headed back into the forest, and stayed there pretty much all day. We saw a large range of different forest types though, which kept things mildly entertaining. We went from widely-spaced, massive conifers, to scrubby deciduous trees, to dense mixed wood draped in moss.

We made great time down a ten mile descent, and had lunch at a campground by a really nice river. After lunch, there was a long, hot uphill climb. It really wasn’t that hard of a climb, but the heat was definitely getting to me. Luckily, it was mostly through nicely shaded forest. When I neared the top, I started feeling much better, and hurried down to our first water source in ten miles. It felt so good to sit down, chug cold creek water, splash my face, and eat some snacks. Gummies and I sat there for quite a while, hanging out with another hiker named Crash. Eventually, we moved on, with only 3 miles to the place where we planned to stop and camp. 

I put in my headphones and crushed out the last few miles, which were surprisingly easy given it was over a 26 mile day (and our longest day yet on trail). We made it to the bridge over Squaw Valley Creek, which is really pretty. We had to go off a bit on a side trail to find a spot to camp, but it at least put us close to a privy. We’re camped between a trailhead parking lot and the creek. 

Tomorrow, we have just 16 and a half miles into town. I’m excited to get there and do a little bit of relaxing. I’ve got my eyes on a vegan burger, some good beer, a real bed, and cleanliness. We might even go see a movie. 

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