PCT Day 117: Callahan’s Lodge 

​August 5, 2017 

Mile 1701.37 – Callahan’s Lodge (1701.37-1715.17)

13.8 miles 

Woke up this morning with the excitement of knowing we’d be in town for lunch. We had a quick climb first thing in the morning, but then it was pretty much all downhill into town. The morning trail was pretty beautiful. There was this distinct line in the sky where the smoke from the fires had settled. We wound around a ridge as Oregon cows munched on the grass below. Then, we came around a corner and found trail magic!! There were a couple of lawn chairs set up in a shady spot with a cooler full of sodas. We got our morning sugar fix and then continued on. It was a Saturday and we were close to civilization, so the trail was busy with day hikers and trail runners. Hiking into town always seems to feel longer than it should, but at last we arrived at the side trail to Callahan’s Lodge. 

It’s amazing how hiker friendly the lodge is. It’s probably one of the most welcoming places we’ve been so far. We checked in and were given towels and robes to shower, so we immediately headed over to the little hiker bath house to clean ourselves up. It felt soooo good. We all hung around in our robes until the laundry we done, and then we headed out to the road to try to hitch into town. 

We got a ride pretty quickly, but ended up riding in the back of a pickup truck down I-5, which was kind of terrifying but also really fun. When we got to town, we immediately headed to Ruby’s to eat. I had a veggie “steak” sandwich, and it was amazing. We walked over to one of the local gear shops, and I got to exchange my Darn Tough socks for a brand new pair because mine had a hole in them. We resupplied at Safeway, and I decided to try some new things for my snacks and lunch (their bulk section was on point) just to change things up a bit. After we finished shopping, we started trying to hitch back to the lodge right outside the Safeway, and a girl offered to drive us as far as the interstate ramp, which we gladly accepted. We only had to stand at the ramp for a few minutes before a lady in a camper pulled over and said she would take us straight to Callahan’s, which was really nice. 

Another fake meat sandwich 

When we got back to the lodge, we sat around for a while using WiFi while waiting for our all-you-can-eat spaghetti dinner. The spaghetti was sooo good, and the first plate was so big that I could only eat one (though I did help Gummies eat a bit of his second plate). There was a delicious salad and bread too, and a free beer. This place is paradise. After dinner, we headed to the back lawn to set up the tent and collapse into a food coma. Super excited for all-you-can-eat pancakes tomorrowwww. 

2 thoughts on “PCT Day 117: Callahan’s Lodge 

  1. Welcome to Oregon! Glad that you and Gummies survived snow and good luck pushing through the heat. Thanks for the posting the blog.


  2. Good luck on the fire alternate. It’s a shame if you had to miss Crater Lake. It’s not all developed like Lake Tahoe, and the water is even clearer, which results in some amazing color.


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