PCT Day 118: Fire Burning On The Dance Floor 

​August 6, 2017 

Callahan’s Lodge – Mile 1725.61 (1716.2-1725.61)

9.41 miles 

They didn’t start serving breakfast at the lodge until 8am, so we got to have a nice sleep in this morning, which made me super happy. The hiker breakfast was amazing. They started us off with a cup of fresh fruit and a little muffin, and then three eggs, three pancakes, and while everyone else got three pieces of bacon, they let me substitute it with some breakfast potatoes, which were sooo good. The pancakes were all-you-can-eat, but I only had one extra (off of Non Stop’s second plate). So that was a lovely start to the morning, but things quickly began to get stressful. 

Yesterday, we had made our plan to circumvent the fire closure at Crater Lake. It seemed you could still walk far enough into the park to get to the store to pick up resupply packages, and then there was a road walk detour around the lake. However, this morning new information was released saying that more of the trail had closed, and you are now unable to enter the park at all on the trail. We all began scrambling to come up with alternative plans. The PCTA recommended not going farther north on the trail than Highway 140, since that’s the last major road before the closure. Luckily, there’s a hiker friendly resort near the trail on that highway. So our new plan is to walk as far as there, spend a night camping at the resort, and then attempt to hitch a ride up to the north end of Crater Lake park, where the trail is open again. It looks like it might be a bit of a complicated hitch, so I’m a little bit concerned about that, but for now I’ll just trust that everything will work out. 

Once we had finalized our new plan, finished up all of our internet chores, and got all our stuff together, it was after 2pm and we were more than ready to get back to the trail. We did the road walk back to the trail rather than going back up the spur trail we came down on, which means we missed about a mile of the PCT, but everything’s getting so messed up with skipping sections that I don’t really care much anymore. It felt good to be back on trail, even though it was hot out and my foot was hurting a bit. Over the past few days, I’ve been developing this weird sore spot on the bottom of my foot. I have no idea what it is, but I could barely walk at Callahan’s. For some reason, it seems to feel better when I start hiking on it, so that’s good at least. 

We hiked for a while, and I noticed grey clouds rolling over and the occasional sound of thunder. I stopped for a snack break, and that’s when the clouds decided to break and let loose the rain. Luckily, I had a nice tree to shelter under while I ate that kept me dry. After falling steadily for a while the rain eventually stopped, although the sky remained filled with dark clouds that rumbled overhead with loud claps of thunder. While we were hiking through the rain, something happened in my right knee that caused me horrible pain every time I took a step. Again, no idea what caused it, but it really sucked. We rested for a few minutes, and it started feeling better, though I still get a little shot of pain every now and then. And then, as if to prove that things could, in fact, get worse, poor Gummies threw up a bunch of hummus that he ate at his snack break. I guess today just isn’t our day. 

Luckily, we were only a couple miles from our planned camp spot, so we just kept trekking. Just before we arrived, the rain started sprinkling again (of course). We set up the tent, made dinner, and are now more than ready to get some sleep. It’s stopped raining for now, but it looks like it might continue on and off for the next few days. Tomorrow is a new day (and hopefully a better one). 

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