PCT Day 119: Burn Out Blues 

​August 7, 2017 

Mile 1725.61 – Hyatt Lake Campground (1725.61-1740.2)

14.59 miles 

This morning was a pretty good morning. We slept in (that was unintentional, but a little relaxation was called for after yesterday’s events), I got to put on my brand new socks for the first time, which felt heavenly, and I ate a 410-calorie cherry pie for my pre-breakfast, which tasted heavenly. Of course, it was then after 8am by the time we actually started hiking, and things got a little rough after that. Poor Gummies was still feeling pretty queasy and low energy due to whatever bug is currently plaguing his gastrointestinal system, so we took a lot of long breaks and the morning was pretty slow going. I was feeling pretty tired myself, despite the fact that I had two long nights of sleep under my belt. The trail just has us both mentally and physically burnt out right now, and I will admit that I’ve found myself starting to dream of laying in a real bed and not moving for at least a day. We at least need a good zero day some time in the near future. 

We took an extra long lunch break so Gummies could nap a bit, and I read my book on my Kobo app which was nice. Things got a bit better after lunch. We were able to move a bit more quickly and get some miles done, and the trail got more interesting too. There were some nice views of the desert-like scenery of southern Oregon, which was cool to see. Late in the afternoon, dark clouds started rolling over once again and thunder began to rumble. The clouds broke and it rained pretty heavily for a while as we walked through the forest. I’ve always loved the sights, sounds, and smells of the forest during and just after the rain. There’s just something a bit magical about it. Plus, it’s nice to get some cooling action in what would otherwise be the hottest part of the day.

We still decided to stop a bit early for the night once we arrived at Hyatt Lake Campground. It’s a car camping campground just off the trail, but they have a hike-in site just for PCT hikers, and you only have to pay like 2 bucks. It’s a really nice site in the forest with a picnic table and everything. Once we had set up our tent, we went over to the campground washroom to use the showers. Of course, there was no soap involved, but it still felt amazing to just let myself get blasted by the hot water (especially after walking through the rain for a while). Once we were clean(ish), we made dinner at the picnic table, and then spent the evening playing cards. It’s super exciting to be at camp early enough to actually have time for fun activities. While we ate, a doe and two adorable fawns munched on the vegetation just a few metres from the tent. Thunder started rumbling again while we were playing, but it seems to have subsided for now. Gummies seems to be feeling a lot better now, so we’re hoping to get a full day in tomorrow (especially once we get another good night’s sleep under us). We should be stopping just short of Fish Lake Resort tomorrow night, so the following morning will be just a short hike and then attempting to hitch around the fire closure. 

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