PCT Day 120: Sick Day 

​August 8, 2017 

Hyatt Lake Campground 

0 miles 

Well, it did seem like Gummies was getting better last night, but then he ended up throwing up his dinner around midnight. We had been planning to get up early and press on, but after the midnight vomiting episode we decided to just sleep in and reevaluate in the morning. Unfortunately, things didn’t seem much improved when we woke up, so we decided to take an on-trail zero. This seems like a good place to stay put, since we have access to bathrooms, water, and humanity here. 

Most of the morning was spent playing cards. We walked over to the resort about a mile up the road to see what they had in the store, and it was a little disappointing, but they at least had some pepto bismol for Gummies’ stomach. I did some yoga in the afternoon, which was really nice. An on-trail zero actually seems more relaxing than a zero in town, because there’s no distractions. No wifi. No shopping to be done. Just time. After my yoga practice I had another hot shower, and this time I filled the lid of my peanut butter jar with hand soap and brought it into the shower so I could actually get clean. Then I read my book for a while and had a nap. True relaxation. 

The afternoon once again brought dark clouds and loud rumbles of thunder, and this time the rain was accompanied by large chunks of hail, but we were warm and cozy in our little shelter. Unfortunately, as evening came on I suddenly started feeling pretty nauseous and exhausted myself. It seems this bug might be making the rounds. Our hope was to get up tomorrow morning and keep moving, but Gummies doesn’t seem to be getting much better and if I’m coming down with it too I don’t know what will happen now. We will just have to see what the morning brings. 

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