PCT Day 121: Sick Day, Round 2

​August 9, 2017 

0 miles 

Woke up this morning initially thinking I felt a bit better. Ate some oatmeal for breakfast and was promptly overwhelmed with nausea (some of the oatmeal making a… reappearance). Before going to sleep last night we had left a message on a Facebook group of trail angels seeing if there was anyone nearby who could help us out, but had been waiting to see if we were well enough to hike out today. It would seem we had our answer, so we reached out to a trail angel, Jennifer, who had offered us a place to stay. 

She came to pick us up at the campground and drove us back to her home, which is a beautiful ranch. She gave us a bed to rest and recover in, and told us to make ourselves at home. I know I say this every time, but I am consistently overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity people extend to us out here. Here we are, two sickly vagabonds, and here is this incredible person who offers to take us into her home and help us get well. The trail really does work to restore your faith in humanity. 

THIS is trail magic!! 

Exhausted, we collapsed into the bed to nap for several hours, sandwiched between two large dogs (aka heaven). After a while, I was able to get some food down (including some amazing homemade applesauce) without feeling like I was going to die, which was a good sign. We watched a movie in the afternoon, while it lightly thundered and rained outside. It felt so good to be able to just relax. Jennifer came home with another hiker, Patrick from Montreal, who has some kind of massive spider bite on his leg and a swollen ankle. This is the house of misfit hikers. 

Jennifer made an amazing home cooked meal of red beans and rice (though I mostly just ate plain rice to keep my tummy happy), and the whole evening just felt like being at home. Sitting around a table with a few friends and some good food. Warm. Welcoming. It was really nice. After we had eaten, we headed to bed, with hopes of returning to the trail in the morning. 

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