PCT Day 122: And We’re Back 

​August 10, 2017 

Hyatt Lake Campground – Mile 1752.74 (1740.19-1752.74)

12.55 miles 

Woke up this morning in a comfy bed after a good night’s sleep feeling relaxed, rested, and much better than I had the past couple of days. Soon, I was feeling quite hungry, which was a good sign since I had had very little appetite the past couple days. Gummies and I played some cards while I drank a big mug of coffee (and I would like to note that I won three of the four different games we played), and then we had an amazing breakfast of pancakes with homemade apple sauce and marmalade and scrambled eggs with zucchinis out of the garden. It was a really lovely morning. 

I was feeling a lot better, so we decided we could definitely hike out today. We went to our room to start getting ready to leave, and then somehow ended up napping for a couple of hours. I guess my body still had a bit of recovering to do. Once we had woken up and finally got all our stuff packed up, Jennifer gave us a ride back to the campground so we could get back on the trail. I am so, so grateful that she was nearby and kind enough to take us in. She gave us the most perfect place to just relax and get well again. 

Gummies + Glowworm = Gumworm 

Back on the trail, my legs were stiff from going unused for a couple of days, but it felt good to be moving again. We originally planned to go just 8 miles, but ended up deciding to push it to 12 miles to get ourselves a bit closer to Fish Lake for tomorrow. The trail was mostly through forest, nothing too exciting, but it still felt nice to be back out there. A few miles from camp, I was starting to feel tired and I think the heat was getting to me, but then, like clockwork, the late afternoon thunder rumblies started up and it rained heavily for a while. The cool water revived me a bit, and I felt great for the last few miles into camp. The dark, damp feel of a forest in the rain just makes me so happy. 

We’re camped by a spring just off the trail, and there are a few other tents set up nearby as well. Tomorrow we have just 18 miles to get to Fish Lake Resort, so I’m pretty excited. Hopefully we’ll be drinking milkshakes there by dinner time. We’ll camp there tomorrow night, and then begin trying to find our way around the Crater Lake fire closure. 

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