PCT Day 128: Lakes on Lakes on Lakes 

​August 16, 2017 

Shelter Cove Resort – Charlton Lake (1903.68-1922.61)

18.93 miles 

I did not have a great sleep last night, for a variety of reasons. We were too cheap to pay to camp at the resort, so we camped nearby beside some railroad tracks, and loud trains kept going by throughout the night. My mosquito bites were also itching unbearably, and on top of it all I was stressing about where we should stay in Bend and trying to think up possible alternative plans. I spent a good few hours scratching uncontrollably in the middle of the night while tossing and turning miserably, before I was finally able to fall asleep again. 

Odell Lake 

It was chilly again this morning, and we had to walk a little over a mile on the road to get back to the trail. Just before getting back on, we made a last ditch attempt to find a room in Bend, and were able to reach a hotel we hadn’t been able to get a hold of last night. They had a room available and it was the lowest price we had been quoted so far, so we just bit the bullet and booked it. It was still quite a bit more than I’d really like to spend, but I’m definitely excited to get the relaxing zero we’ve been hoping for.

Lower Rosary Lake 

Back on the trail, we climbed up above Odell Lake (that the resort is on), getting a pretty good view. We passed the time until breakfast by coming up with categories to reminisce over some of our favourite trail memories: favourite trail town, favourite town food, favourite trail food, coolest campsite, funniest moment, etc. We ate breakfast by the beautiful Lower Rosary Lake, which had gorgeous clear blue water. Over the course of the day, we passed by many more beautiful blue lakes, but all in all it was a pretty uneventful day, with the trail mostly winding through shaded forest. 

Charlton Lake 

We had been planning to push a couple more miles, but decided to call it quits when we reached Charlton Lake. We got a late start this morning thanks to the road walk and hotel booking shenanigans, so we figure we’ll make it up tomorrow when we can get going a bit earlier. The campsite has a really awesome view out over the lake, and there are a ton of other hikers camped here. Tomorrow, we’re going to situate ourselves just a couple miles shy of Elk Lake Resort, so that the next day we can start hitching pretty much first thing in the morning. We’ll get to see a little bit of the Three Sisters Wilderness tomorrow, which I’m excited about, and I’m definitely super excited to get into Bend the next day. 

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