PCT Day 138: Are We Out of the Woods Yet? 

​August 26, 2017 

Trout Creek – Green Lake (2174.11-2198.18)

24.06 miles 

Well, we had grand plans today of doing our biggest day yet at over 28 miles, and that definitely did not happen. I did feel much better this morning than I did yesterday, which likely had something to do with the fact that the first 5 or so miles of the day were mostly flat. The cool, fresh morning forest air smelled sooo good, and I really enjoyed the morning’s hike. I think Washington definitely wins the award for my favourite forest on trail. It just has a kind of wild magic to it. There are huge, gnarled trees draped with thick moss and lush green vegetation everywhere. It’s beautiful. 

We stopped for breakfast just before the big climb of the day, and there we met a retired music teacher who got himself a van and is now travelling around in it, recording music out of the back. Retirement goals. Or just life goals in general. He took our picture as we sat on the ground eating, and told us we’d be famous among his Facebook friend list. I love all the interesting and amazing people you get to meet on this hike, and the fact that they’re not all necessarily other hikers. 

After breakfast, a ten mile climb awaited us. The first bit was brutally steep, which was scary, but most of it ended up not being bad at all. I listened to three albums, which got me pretty much to the top. We stopped for lunch about halfway through, which was a nice break in the middle of it. At the top, we were treated to a cool view of what I think was probably Mount Adams before we began descending. Gummies was feeling pretty wiped after the climb, so we took a long break at our next water source. I was feeling pretty great all day, which seems to have become a rare occurrence for me. Well, almost all day. 

At the water source, we had realized there was no way for us to make the big mile day without hiking into the night, which neither of us were feeling, so we revised our plan and decided to camp a few miles sooner. A few miles before camp, we got to a trailhead, where we were reunited with a couple from Germany who we hadn’t seen since the desert! It was really cool to see them again, and we sat chatting to them for a while, but for some reason, once we reached that trailhead my body and mind just decided they were done. There were still 3 miles to camp, and I knew they were uphill, and not one fibre of my being wanted to keep hiking. I totally would have thrown down my stuff and set up shop at the trailhead given the slightest suggestion. 

I mustered up the willpower to hike the last few miles, and we eventually ended up at this little hole in the ground filled with stagnant water, that is for some reason called Green Lake (it’s definitely not a lake). I found myself dreaming of all kinds of weird foods as I hiked the last few miles. Specifically, veggie sausage on a bun with barbecue sauce and corn relish, soy chicken nuggets, and “nuts and fluff”, which is a recipe from the back of a Shreddies box that involves mixing Shreddies, popcorn, and peanuts, and then cementing the whole mixture together with a paste of melted peanut butter, butter, and marshmallows. The last thing I was craving was anything from my food bag, but my dinner of a teriyaki noodle pasta side with a heaping glob of peanut butter stirred in turned out to be total comfort food. 

I don’t even want to try and make a plan for how many miles we’ll do tomorrow, because it sucks so bad when you fall short of what you wanted to do. We’re just going to take it as it comes and see where we can get. Although, our snack supplies are dwindling frighteningly quickly, so we definitely can’t dilly dally too much. I’m so ready to get into the more scenic parts of Washington. Bring it on. 

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