PCT Day 140: Mount Adams in Alpenglow 

​August 28, 2017 

Road 8851 – Killen Creek (2216.02-2241.83)

25.83 miles 

For the past few days, Gummies and I have seemed to be on a rotating schedule of who’s having a bad day and who’s feeling good. Since I was tired and rather miserable for most of the day yesterday, that meant it was his turn to feel that way today, while I was actually feeling pretty good. The morning was pretty uneventful. We left the site of the trail magic and got back on the trail, and spent most of the morning winding through the woods. 

We had lunch just after crossing the road that goes into Trout Lake, which we decided to pass on, and then started the big climb of the day. It started out in the woods, and there were a few really steep parts, but most of it ended up being not bad at all. We entered the Mount Adams Wilderness, and soon found ourselves winding through a burn area around the base of Mount Adams, catching glimpses of the massive peak through the blackened trees. 

The views kept getting better as we reached the top of the climb, and the sun started setting, bathing everything in a gorgeous pink glow. It was beautiful. We were passing tons of awesome campsites, but we had set our minds on making it 25 miles to camp at Killen Creek. A couple miles from camp, around 8pm, we ended up having to cross a creek that turned out to be a rushing torrent of muddy water. We somewhat precariously hopped across on rocks and logs, but I still ended up soaking my feet in the frigid glacial meltwater. 

At this point, the beautiful glow of sunset was gone and it was just dark. We got out of headlamps and pressed on, both wishing we had just stopped earlier. We finally arrived at Killen Creek at the dark, exhausted and rather grumpy. We set up the tent and quickly stuffed some food in our faces before heading straight to bed without setting an alarm. Here’s hoping tomorrow goes a little bit better. 

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