PCT Day 149: This Kind of Sucks 

​September 6, 2017 

Deception Creek – Skykomish (2441.7-2461.6)

19.9 miles 

Despite our late night last night, we had one of the earliest starts this morning that we’ve had in a long while. We only snoozed our 5:30 alarm once before slowly starting to get ready for the day. The allure of town is just that strong. Once again, the day was filled with smoke. It seemed a little less thick at times, allowing us to just glimpse the beauty that we were missing out on. I’m not sure what’s worse, not being able to see anything at all, or just being able to see enough to know what you’re missing. 

The trail today was filled with ups and downs. First thing in the morning, we had to climb up to the top of Piper Pass, which wasn’t all that bad, but throughout the rest of the day we had several short climbs that turned out to be insanely steep. I was able to keep my spirits pretty high for most of the day, despite the brutal hiking with none of the usual reward of beautiful views. 

I was on the final climb of the day when I just couldn’t take it anymore. The lack of sleep caught up to me, and I was just exhausted, and I couldn’t hold back the frustration of the smoke. This section has honestly just been shit. It’s supposed to be beautiful, and you can tell how incredible it must be, but we really haven’t been able to see anything, and the hiking has been incredibly physically difficult. It’s hard not to feel like we’ve all been royally screwed over by choosing to hike this year. But I’m just going to keep pushing on to Canada, and hope that the skies will eventually clear. 

We didn’t end up getting to the highway til around 6pm, which was much later than the we had originally been hoping for. I was anticipating kind of a difficult hitch into town, but maybe the second vehicle that drove by stopped to pick us up. It was a truck that originally blew right past us, but then began reversing rapidly back toward us. He dropped us off right in front of the local pub where we got some food and beer. We had originally planned on hitching on to the local trail angel house, the Dinsmores, but by the time we had finished dinner it was pitch black outside, which doesn’t make great conditions for getting a hitch. Gummies walked over to the Cascadia Inn to see if they had any rooms available, and they were closed, so we called the late night phone number and they told us they were all booked up (they only have 14 rooms) but there was a no-show that they’d contact and get back to us about. 

A while later, they called us back and let us know that the room was available! We hadn’t really been planning to spring for another hotel room but it was just so needed after this last section and we didn’t know where else to go that late into the night. The guy who ran the inn was super friendly, letting us know where all the services were that we might need in town and knowing exactly what we’d need as hikers. We got to shower and go to sleep in a bed and it was glorious. The trail provides. 

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