PCT Day 150: Reunion in Skykomish 

​September 7, 2017 

Skykomish – Mile 2465.66 (2461.62-2465.66)

4.05 miles 

Slept in this morning in a real bed, then set about doing town things. While Gummies went to put laundry in, I messaged Cougar and Dr. McDirty on a whim to see where they were, and it turned out they were at Steven’s Pass, about to hitch into Skykomish!! We finally caught up! They met us at the Cascadia Inn’s café for breakfast and it was sooo exciting to finally get to see them again. We hadn’t seen them since a few days out of Sierra City. It was so fun to catch up over breakfast and swap stories about what happened on the trail while we had been apart. 

After breakfast, I got to have a long chat with my parents, which was nice, and then we headed over to the post office, which is when things started to go south a bit. At the post office, I was super excited to get to pick up care packages from my parents and my university roommate, but not so excited to find out that my resupply box hadn’t arrived yet. Gummies’ box wasn’t there either, which put us in a bit of a pickle. They would probably be delivered tomorrow, but there was the possibility of having to wait until the end of the day tomorrow if we decided to stay another night, and we were just kind of impatient to get back on the trail and get to Canada. 

Luckily, the hiker box at the inn was totally stacked, and we were able to almost entirely piece together meals for this 5 day section. We supplemented with snacks from the local deli and convenience store, which was staffed by one of the nicest ladies ever. I think this may have been one of the friendliest towns we’ve experienced so far, as far as the locals go. Everyone was just so incredibly kind (which was much needed and appreciated after a frustrating few days on trail). 

As we were walking back to the deli after checking out the gas station across the street, a guy walking to his truck asked if we needed a ride back to the trail. We didn’t have to stick out our thumbs, score! He drove us up to Steven’s Lodge, where we finished packing up our resupply and filled out water bottles before getting back on trail. The trail was mercifully flat for a couple of miles before the uphill started, and we stopped after only 4 miles to set up camp for the night. Cougar and Dr. McDirty are ahead of us again because they left town a bit earlier, but if we don’t see them again on trail we should at least catch them in the next town, Stehekin. We also saw Adam getting back on trail just as we were. The trail actually started to look like Washington today. It was cool and very cloudy. It may actually rain in this section for the first time since we entered this state. It was still a bit smoky this evening, but it seems to have started clearing a bit, so I have all my fingers and toes crossed that we will actually be able to see this section, as it’s supposed to be super beautiful. 

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