PCT Day 151: I Can See Clearly Now (Kind Of) 

​September 8, 2017 

Mile 2465.66 – Pass Creek (2465.66-2486.70)

21.04 miles 

We awoke this morning in a cloud of white once more, but this time it wasn’t smoke. A heavy mist had settled on the world overnight, and although we still couldn’t see much, it was a welcome change. The air was moist and easy to breathe and smelled amazing, as opposed to the dry, harsh air we’ve had for the past few days. It was hard to tell in the morning if the smoke was still around or not, but later in the day some of the mist burned off and we got some of the clearest views we’ve had in several days, so I think it’s definitely starting to clear. 

The day was fairly uneventful. It was cool, overcast, and misty for most of the day, making it really start to feel like we’re in the Pacific Northwest. Washington has been abnormally dry and hot so far, so a little mist didn’t bother me at all. At least, I’d much rather have my views obscured by mist than smoke. It made for some amazing views throughout the day as well. 

We had lunch on top of Grizzly Peak, which is supposed to have an amazing view but was totally socked in by clouds. A while later, we stopped at Pear Lake to grab some water, and I was so disappointed that it was so cool and overcast today, because it would have been a gorgeous spot to stop for a swim. We stopped for camp just before 7pm, which was really nice as we were able to get everything done before true darkness set in. 

We only have a little over a week left on the trail now, so the end is getting really real. I really enjoyed today, which I’m glad about because I really wasn’t feeling too enthusiastic about the trail when we left town after the last section. Tomorrow we’re entering Glacier Peak Wilderness, which is supposed to be really incredible, so I’m hoping that it stays clear enough for us to actually get to see it. Fingers crossed! 

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