PCT Day 152: True Colours 

​September 9, 2017 

Pass Creek – Mile 2508.82 (2486.70-2508.82)

22.11 miles 

I awoke in the night to the sound of soft rain hitting the roof of the tent. Our first rain in Washington! It had stopped by the time we were ready to start hiking, but everything was slightly damp as we left camp. The low-lying clouds were still hanging around, which obscured some of the scenery from view, but created these eerie, shifting half-views that were super beautiful. The day was cool and even cold at times, and I wore my rain jacket and warm hat pretty much all day (and my tights, which I haven’t hiked in for quite a while). 

The trail was absolutely beautiful today. Jagged peaks dappled with white patches of snow, hillsides splashed with bright red and golds, lush green forests filled with cascading creeks. It started to rain lightly a bit after lunch, as we began the day’s big climb and headed up into the clouds. As we came to the top of the ridge and crested over the other side, we slowly descended out of the cloud and were able to see our surroundings again. The landscape was mind-bogglingly beautiful, despite the rain and the gloom. 

The weather was a reminder that while we’ve made this wild space our home for a while, it doesn’t belong to us. It doesn’t owe us anything, no matter how hard we worked to get here. We’re all at the mercy of mother nature. I’m so happy and proud to call this place my home, at least for the time being. 

We saw like 10 marmots today! 

As the afternoon wore on, my spirits began to droop a little. The drizzle showed no sign of stopping, and I was tired and hungry. Near the end of the day, wet brush soaked our legs and the trail turned to deep mud that tried to suck our feet into the ground. When we finally arrived at the campsite, we set up the tent, still damp from the morning, and sat on the wet ground to make dinner. This section is not great as far as food goes. Not only did all of our dinners come from the hiker box special menu, the one store in town that stocked fuel was all sold out, so we weren’t able to pick up new canisters for our stoves. I was able to coax one last warm meal out of mine tonight, but I’m officially stoveless for the rest of the section, at possibly the worst time to be stoveless. On top of all this, when the resupply boxes didn’t arrive in time I went into a kind of panic and didn’t buy nearly enough snacks for this somewhat lengthy section. So I’ve been trying to limit myself on those, but I know the last day out is going to be a hungry one. 

I’m now warm inside my quilt, which feels really nice after the cold, damp day. I really hope the rain stops at some point tomorrow so we can have a chance to dry out some of our stuff. 

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