PCT Day 156: Home Stretch 

​September 13, 2017 

Stehekin – Six Mile Camp (2569.42-2580.61)

11.19 miles 

Slept in this morning, and then headed over to the lodge to grab breakfast in the restaurant, upon realizing we hadn’t actually had a hot meal since we arrived in town (which is what we had been craving after this fuel-less section). I think the breakfast was pretty good, but I can’t be sure because it just felt so great to be putting something warm and real in my body. When the post office finally opened at 10, we went over to pick up our packages. I got one last care package from my parents, which was the most Canadian thing ever and super cute. I asked them to send me a tiny bottle of Canadian maple syrup for me to chug at the border in celebration of my return to the homeland, and they also sent all dressed chips (one of the greatest chip flavours of all time that for some reason doesn’t exist in the States) and a nice card. I also got my resupply package from Zero Day Resupply. 

We went across the street to quickly pack up all of our new food before catching the shuttle back to the trail. For some reason they weren’t able to use the bus, so we all had to cram with our packs into a couple of those large white vans. We stopped at the bakery again on the way back to the trail, and I got another slice of pizza and chocolate milk for lunch, and three cookies and a brownie to pack out for this section. 

Lakefront views in Stehekin 

Back at the trail, I tried to let it sink in that this is the last town, the last section, the last 4 days to Canada. But I don’t think it’s really, truly hit me yet. I wonder when that will happen… At the monument? On the bus ride to Vancouver? The plane ride home? Only after real life truly has me back in its clutches? We’ll see. The hike this afternoon was fairly uneventful. There were some ups and downs, but nothing too crazy. We were in the woods for most of the time, although we did catch some glimpses of some nice mountain scenes.

We only did 11 miles to the designated campsite we got a permit for. There are a lot of people here, I think 8 or so tents in total. We cooked dinner in the designated cooking area and actually hung our food for the first time ever on trail (on the provided ‘bear wire’). Apparently this is a pretty active bear area, so hopefully we won’t have any nighttime visitors. Starting tomorrow, we’ll have only three full days left on trail, which is absolutely insane. 

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