The Great PCT Love Story

So… I am here to break my month-long silence with some news. About three weeks ago, I drove down to Indianapolis (a long 11-hour trip) to spend Thanksgiving with Gummies and his family. It was a lovely few days, spent eating delicious food with family, celebrating the transition from fall to the Christmas season, and just enjoying time with my love. It was also a rather exciting few days, because on November 24, following a thrilling Toronto Raptors/Indiana Pacers game (where I may or may not have found myself excitedly cheering for the Pacers… sorry, hometown), Gummies suggested we walk over to the downtown Circle to see the big Christmas tree that had just been lit, where he knelt down and asked me to marry him (!!!!).


That is right folks, we are now engaged, and are already planning our wedding for July 2018. It was the most perfect proposal I could have imagined: romantic, yet simple, private, with a beautiful location… I could go on, but I’ll spare you the sappy ramblings. On a related note, I would also like to inform you all that Gummies has penned a wonderfully witty and revealing telling of our full PCT love story (with interjections by yours truly). That’s right, you can finally get the full scoop on the side of the story that was completely left out of the posts I made on the trail. If you’re interested in reading a story that is equal parts romantic, hilarious, exciting, and contains probably the most revealing look at my feelings that anyone has ever gotten, click here.


Thank you all so much for following along on this incredible adventure, and offering words of support and kindness along the way. The story is only just beginning!

10 thoughts on “The Great PCT Love Story

  1. Um.. What Tristan said.. You two are an adorable couple and I am so happy to hear this news!

    Now I will go read the previously unsaid part of your PCT adventures.

    But really, we could kind of read between the lines 😜

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    1. Hahaha I figured people probably were, but now you can get all the gory, previously unspoken details! Thanks for following along and supporting us on this crazy journey 💖


  2. Congratulations. Everyone sets out on a journey for different reasons and often what we receive from those experience is unexpected. A great start to build upon common experiences, interests and concern for each other. May the fire burn bright. The next time you are in Oregon let me know and we’ll take you both out to dinner.


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