Greetings blog followers! I apologize for my almost year and a half of silence. Life after the PCT has been weird and exciting and amazing and really, really hard.

Here’s the Sparknotes update: After a long and difficult 7 months of long-distance, Gummies finally moved to Canada with me at the end of May 2018. We got married on July 21, 2018, and about one month afterwards, relocated from Ontario to Halifax, Nova Scotia, where Gummies is currently pursuing his masters degree in urban planning. About one year after he moved here, we received the exciting news that he had been approved to become a permanent resident of Canada!


Wedding photo by the amazing and lovely SN Photography.

Our backpacking trips since the PCT have been somewhat few and far between. We went on an ill-fated trip through the QEII Wildlands last June that resulted in so many bug bites that I cried hiking out because my legs were so stiff and swollen with deer fly venom.


We spent an amazing four days in Killarney Provincial Park (my favourite park in Ontario) as a mini honeymoon.


This year, we spent one night on a small local trail system with some very dear friends in April. We hiked the glorious Cape Chignecto Coastal Loop (which is one of the coolest weekend trails I’ve ever done). And most recently, we spent a weekend bushwhacking through completely overgrown trail in Kejimkujik National Park in a horrendous 1-year-anniversary hike.


Cape Chignecto Coastal Loop

And so, I am very, very excited to announce that we will be returning to a long trail later this year! Gummies and I will be taking two weeks at the end of the summer to hike the New Hampshire section of the Appalachian Trail! And I’m going to blog!

It’s only a short section hike, but I am so very excited to get even a small taste of long trail life again. I’ve thought about and missed the PCT and trail life every single day since we ended our thru-hike. I am looking forward to all of the beauty of the trail, the challenge, the freedom, the simplicity, and the utter disgustingness. Despite never having been on the AT or to New Hampshire, I feel like I am getting ready to go home.

We will be starting our New Hampshire section hike exactly one month from today, and I hope you will enjoy following along on another one of our adventures!


  1. Periodically I think of you two and wonder how things turned out. Than you for the update! And you bet I will follow along! PS: GREAT wedding pic!


  2. Congratulations on everything! I hope you have a great adventure on your upcoming hike! I didn’t know anything about deer flys that’s absolutely horrifying. Hope you’ve healed up and are feeling better!


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