AT NH Day 4: Slackers

NH 25A – Jeffers Brook Shelter
10.8 miles
We woke up this morning in a cold mist. We slept in a bit because Double Orca and her parents weren’t meeting us for the slack pack until 7:30 and we were camped right by the road. There was a pretty big crew gathered for the slack pack. It was me, Gummies, Double Orca, Tadpole, Survivor, Super, Buttcheeks, Faceplant, Tails, and Sock Ninja. Gummies and I had never slack packed before and it honestly felt amazing. I felt so free without the weight of my pack.
The hiking today was extremely chill. There were a few small climbs but they were not bad at all. We took a breakfast break a few miles in but other than that I didn’t really stop at all for the first ten miles. I put on my music after breakfast and felt super stoked and strong. Without the weight of my pack I was even partially running down some of the descents, *just for fun*. What have I become?

The day was uneventful, so here’s a cool caterpillar

I reached the road into Glencliffe shortly after noon, and Gummies and I made our way over to the Hikers Welcome Hostel. Double Orca’s parents live right across the street, so we stopped in there to grab our stuff, and Double Orca’s mom even gave us delicious homemade cookies. The hostel was also amazing. It was all run on the honour system, and they had bunks, tenting, an outdoor bath house with showers, laundry, and a toilet, as well as snacky foods for sale. Gummies and I both got the hiker combo, which was a frozen microwave pizza, chips, can of pop, and ice cream sandwich for 5 bucks. We also both showered for 3 dollars.

We had originally thought we might stay here, but then realized there was a shelter just a mile up the trail, so we decided to hike out to that to save some money. Basically every hiker we’ve been around so far was at the hostel and staying there for the night. Most of them are also using the slack pack service over Mount Moosilauke tomorrow, but we’re just going to haul our stuff up and over the old fashioned way. We did still spend several hours resting at the hostel, lounging in a hammock, drinking pop, and talking with the other hikers. We finally hiked out around 4pm.

When we made it to the shelter, we were the only ones here. I used my first AT privy, which was getting dangerously close to overflowing. Eventually, a group of Dartmouth College orientees showed up and are also camping here. We’re the only AT hikers though and it feels super weird. I guess since it’s so close to the hostel everyone just stays there instead.

We ate dinner and collected water from Jeffers Brook, which is flowing nearby in a beautiful waterfall. Tomorrow is going to be a big day as we take on Mount Moosilauke, our first 4000 footer on trail and what is considered the “official” start of the Whites. There’s a chance of rain in the afternoon and so fingers crossed we make it down the treacherous descent while it’s still dry!

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