NS Bike Tour Day 4

89.2 km – Windsor to Brookfield
My ass doesn’t hurt this morning. Okay, it still hurts, but not nearly as much as the last few mornings. Today my body settles onto my bike seat with barely a protest. I am sleepy but feeling ready to take on the world on my bicycle.

The day passes by mostly uneventful, for which I am grateful after yesterday. The weather is gorgeous, blue skies and sunny, and we wind our way along back roads that pass through farm fields and old forest harvest areas.

We make a lovely stop in the village of Kennetcook, where I get a donair sub at the local variety store and a moon mist ice cream cone from a little stand. How very Nova Scotian of me.

After lunch things start to drag out a bit. The terrain is rolling but it definitely feels like we are doing more climbing than descending, and though none of the climbs are too intense, I am feeling worn out. My happy feelings about my lack of ass pain have long disappeared, and I am now shifting my weight around every few seconds in a pointless attempt to stay in comfortable. We stop at a patch of shade on the side of the road and lay in the grass for a long while. I read a chapter of my book. Gummies works on writing his blog. I find a tick crawling along my bicycle tire.

We eventually convince ourselves to start moving again, and thankfully soon we begin to descend. We drop all the way into the Shubenacadie River valley, where we get to cross the massive muddy brown stretch of water on a highway bridge, and soon we are rolling into the town of Brookfield.

We stop at the famed local bakery and sit on the step outside eating tarts and drinking cans of orange San Pellegrino. We cross the street to the gas station where we stock up on several boxes of Kraft Dinner and a couple cans of beer. This is by far the earliest we have arrived at camp on this trip and we are feeling pretty ecstatic about it.

We are camping in another trailer park, but this one seems much nicer than the first one we stayed in. The trailers are slightly more spaced out, and the advertised tent sites are actually nestled in the woods and very private. We are here hours earlier than usual, so the first thing we do is sit at the picnic table and drink our beers. The second thing we do is use three quarters each to take a hot shower (where we also rinse out our dirty socks and bibs). The third thing we do is stretch our weary muscles, and the fourth thing we do is prepare a pot of macaroni and cheese with sliced pepperoni.

I am able to crawl into the tent by 7pm, which makes me unreasonably happy. There’s more than enough time to catch up on blog writing, read more of my book, and still get to bed by 9pm. Tomorrow is another short day AND we are staying in another Airbnb, so I’m preparing for another luxurious evening.

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