Return to Jones Creek.. and a successful beaver pond crossing!

Daily Stats

Distance hiked: 14.7 km // 9.2 mi

Steps taken: 21, 496

Time on the trail: ~4.75 hours

Calories burned: 1, 565

Fuel consumed: 1 cheese string, 4 oreos, 2 tortillas with peanut butter + honey, ju jubes, 2L water

Wildlife spotted: many chipmunks, squirrels, mosquitoes, and frogs, 5 garter snakes, 1 eastern ratsnake!

This past Saturday I returned to the Jones Creek trail system of Thousand Islands National Park. I was determined to make it around the entire system in one straight shot, beaver ponds be damned, and I had come prepared with a properly water-proofed pack, an extra pair of socks, and most importantly, a plan.


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Return to the Rideau! (Sydenham Rd. to Unity Rd.)

Daily Stats

Distance hiked: 16 km // 10 mi

Steps taken: 20, 813

Time on the trail: ~4.25 hours

Calories burned: 1, 421

Fuel consumed: 1 banana, 1 apple, 1 cheese string, 2 medium tortillas with PB + honey, 1 clif bar

Wildlife spotted: many red-winged blackbirds, 2 turtles, 7 mallard ducks, 1 otter (or other small swimming mammal?), 1 turkey vulture, 1 garter snake, family of Canadian geese, and TONS of caterpillars frantically crawling across the trail

This past Sunday saw my return to the Rideau Trail, as I hiked a 5-mile section from the intersection of the K&P Rail Trail and Sydenham Road to where the trail intersects with Unity Road. I was expecting this section to be much nicer than the first section of the Rideau that I hiked, and I was not disappointed. This section heads out of the city pretty quickly, travelling cross-country through farm fields and forest.

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Long-weekend-hiking-extravaganza Part 3: Jones Creek Trails, Thousand Islands NP

Daily Stats

Distance hiked: 19.5 km // 12.2 mi

Steps taken: 29, 956

Time on the trail: ~6.75 hours (including driving from one end of the trail system to the other… more on that later)

Calories burned: 2,378

Fuel consumed: 2 cheese strings, 1 clif bar (turns out the mint chocolate flavour is actually good), 3 oreos, 2 medium tortillas with peanut butter + honey, 1 apple, peanut butter m&ms

Beaver ponds across trail: 1

Beaver ponds successfully crossed: 0 (more on that later as well..)

Wildlife spotted: too many chipmunks and mosquitoes to count, one chickadee, two blue jays, two great blue herons, two frogs, one freakishly large tadpole (swimming in the beaver pond with me… more on that later), one rose-breasted grosbeak, one red-winged black bird; heard one woodpecker and calls from ovenbirds and green frogs


The final hike of the long-weekend-hiking-extravaganza was meant to be a 9 mile hike along the entire Jones Creek trail system of Thousand Islands National Park. As you can see from the stats above, that didn’t quite happen. A series of mishaps lead to an accidental 12 mile hike (which is about the length of the longest hiking day for my first overnight trip!).

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Long-weekend-hiking-extravaganza Part 2: Rideau Trail (Trailhead Place to Cataraqui Cemetery)

Daily Stats

Distance hiked: 12.8 km // 8 mi

Steps taken: 16,922

Time on the trail: ~3.5 hours

Calories burned: 1,105

Fuel consumed: one cheese string, 3 oreos, 2 medium tortillas w/ PB and banana, 1 apple, half bag of peanut butter m&ms, 1.7 L water

Wildlife spotted: one cardinal, one red-winged blackbird, three robins, three black squirrels, one chipmunk

Day 2 of the long-weekend-hiking-extravaganza took me down a short stretch of the Rideau Trail. I hiked a 4-mile section from Trailhead Place to Cataraqui Cemetery (and back), but the entire trail spans 387km and runs from Kingston to Ottawa.

I parked in the nice, big (free!) parking lot just off of Trailhead Place at King St. W in Kingston, ON. There were a few other cars in the lot, but it was mostly empty, and I again spent most of my time on the trail alone. Right off the bat, the trail enters a lovely forested area, with a golf course on one side and some scattered wetland areas on the other. The trail was easy walking for the most part, and this section would probably be accessible to most people. The path was nice and flat, with not much in the way of roots or rocks.

The spring weather was lovely, but beware of sparse spring vegetation when trying to trail pee!

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Long-weekend-hiking-extravaganza Part 1: Blue Mountain Trail, Charleston Lake PP

Daily Stats

Distance hiked: 9.5 km // 6 mi

Steps taken: 13,563

Time on the trail: ~3 hours

Calories burned: 1,095

Fuel consumed: two medium tortillas w/ peanut butter, 1 apple, 2 melted cheese strings, 5 melted oreos

Wildlife spotted: too many mosquitoes and chipmunks to count, 2 black flies, one frog, one garter snake, a handful of turkey vultures circling the peak; heard three woodpeckers and calls from some yellow warblers (tweet-tweet-alittletoosweet) and ovenbirds (teacher-teacher-teacher!)

This May long weekend, I decided to try out a new trail each day. My first excursion took me into Charleston Lake Provincial Park, along the Blue Mountain trail. This trail can be accessed by road at the intersection of Blue Mountain Rd. and Warburton Rd. in the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville, ON. It can also be accessed by water via Huckleberry Hollow in Charleston Lake PP, which would be a whole other adventure. The nice part about the road access is that you can park and enter the trail system without paying any fees.

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